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Text addition

At Edurus we have extensive experience of text additions to headstones. We always make sure that the new text fits with the one on the existing headstone.

First, we prepare an application to the cemetery administration. The application must also be approved in writing by all burial rights holders. Then we transport the stone to our stone quarry to carry out the work with the new text.

To avoid big differences in the appearance between the new text and the previous one, we always recommend a renovation of the old text / decor.

Before starting the job, we always send you the preliminary drawing of the requested text addition plus a quote including all costs for your approval.

Restoring your headstone

At Edurus, we have extensive experience of restoring headstones. A renovation of headstones is often carried out in connection with text additions.

A headstone that has been around for some time is often affected by external factors such as weather and wind or work in the cemetery, such as mowing the lawn and clearing snow. This can in many cases lead to bleaching or discolouration on the surface of the headstone. Regular cleaning of the headstone can in most cases prevent discolouration, but bleaching is difficult to avoid..

When restoring your headstone, we work to recreate the appearance of your headstone as it was when new. This can, for example, include polishing the stone or filling in colour or gold in text and decor.

Cleaning your headstone

A headstone is exposed to weather, wind, and work in the cemetery, such as mowing the lawn, and it is therefore important with regular cleaning so that it stays beautiful for a long time.

Edurus is here if you need professional help with cleaning your headstone.