Renovate gravestone

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Text completion and renovation of tombstone

We have long experience in making text supplements and always make sure the new text is engraved to match what is already on the stone. We always create a preliminary drawing of the supplement that we send to you for approval before we start production to be sure that the new engraving is correct.

When picking up your stone, we investigate whether it is securely mounted. If it turns out not to be safe, we will notify you, as well as the cost of remedying this, while sending out the drawing for approval. Everything to make you feel safe.

Prices starting at: 5.700 SEK

The price includes application for approval of completion by the cemetery administration, pickup, laundry, drawing for approval before commencement of engraving, repainting / renovation of existing name and decor, engraving of a new name and re-fitting at the grave site.

If the existing foundation does not meet the requirements for safe mounting, we will fix this at a cost of SEK 1200-2200.


The price does not apply to bronze text.
In these cases, one is added
cost of purchasing new text.

We can’t do on-site jobs.
If the stone is very large
(weighs more than 150 kg)
we cannot perform the supplement.

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